Things to Consider When Getting Surrey Photo Booth Hire

Surrey photo booth hireSo, you have an event coming up soon and you want to ensure that your guests have a good time. There are basically certain essentials you need to have in place to ensure the event goes smoothly without any hitch. These essentials include: food, drink and entertainment.

Food and drink are things you can easily handle based on the fact that you are likely to have different offerings for different people. Of course, this is based on the type of guests you are expecting. On the other hand, you have entertainment that is a bit tricky. Individuals have different tastes and what excites one of your guests may be passable to another.

You need to strike a balance with all your guests and ensure you do not spend above your budget. One entertainment tool you can consider that cuts across all types of guests and fits any budget you have is the Surrey photo booth hire. The photo booth is not only fun and entertaining but also serves another purpose of ensuring your guests get keepsakes of the time spent at your event.

Unlike most form of entertainment that are at best suited to a certain class of people. The photo booth cuts across them all. The design and concept behind it is to encourage everyone to have fun. Who does not love a good photograph?

However, if you are considering hiring a photo booth for your event, there are certain things you need to consider:

Number of guests

When hiring a photo booth, you want to ensure that it is available to all your guests and not all guests relying on one photo booth to get their pictures taken. If your event is a bit large scale like a wedding, you need to estimate on the number of minutes one guest might spend within the photo booth and if it will lead to a queue in front of it. Once guests see a queue forming, they might be dissuaded in making use of the booth. So, if you are expecting a large number of guests, you need to consider if one photo booth will be sufficient enough to meet all the guests needs.


There are different types and categories of Surrey photo booth hire. More often than not, your budget gets to dictate the type of photo booth you go for. Therefore, it is advisable that before setting a budget, you consider the type of requirements you want present in the photo booth and how much it is likely to cost you.


Different photo booths have different properties. Some have green screens, some come in handy with edit software and some have props. Depending on the type of pictures you want to get taken with the photo booth, you may have to do your research. Also, when you approach a vendor with the prospect of hiring ensure you are aware of what you are hiring. Some vendors will not let you know the properties if you do not ask.

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