Selling the Rights to Your Images as an Equine Photographer

equine photographerPhotographing pictures for your clients are not your only ways to earn. As if with any other line of work under photography, you are always the owner to the pictures you took. And at times, your clients want to be in the hold of those rights. It could be for commercial purposes or just because they want to be able to reproduce them whenever they need to.

Yes, selling the rights to those pictures is one way to make more cash as an equine photographer. There are many sites that provide royalty-free or commercial rights to pictures you upload. From GettyImages, Shutterstock to Freepik, there are many places to sell.

But, now, you need to tackle the first challenge: getting to know the differences between the kinds of rights you can offer.

Commercial Rights

Commercial rights are offered to those who are using the picture for commercial purposes. This can be used in the brochures, to be printed on billboards, anything at all that can help the owner increase his sales or visits. Corporate lawyers can get their way around to avoid the need to pay for commercial rights, which are often more expensive.

If the pictures are not used for commercial purposes, such usage that does not encourage monetary gain, buyers can get those pictures under non-commercial rights.

Serial rights

Sometimes, clients or companies want to use your pictures in their monthly magazines. You sell these people serial rights and you can only sell serial rights of one picture to one magazine publication only. Unless what you sold was only the first rights, then you can offer to sell more rights in the future.

First rights

The word first simply means that the first person who gains the rights to the pictures gets to use them before others. You will often see first rights for other things, such as magazine articles, news, novels, etc.

Non-exclusive Rights

Non-exclusive rights give the owners the power to use and reproduce the pictures for a specific amount of time even when someone else has the same rights as well. Companies can use these pictures to reproduce and even resell them thanks to those rights when you are still the owner of those pictures.

One-Time Use Rights

As the name implies, the buyer can only use the picture once with this right. He can be producing a large amount of brochure that contains those pictures, but you won’t be seeing that picture in any other place where he hasn’t bought the rights for. It’s the easiest to manage because you can keep track of what publications your pictures are used on and when they were bought.

Royalty Free

Royalty free is also easy to manage as they are usual licensing offer many stock sites offer. Buyer pays only a certain amount of fee to gain quite a wide array of licenses for those pictures.

An equine photographer such as can also choose to sell the rights of their pictures to their clients. And by understanding the different types of rights available out there, you can sell your rights to your clients and still be in control of your own pictures.